Soul Tripper Book

Soul Tripper
A Journey of Awakening

Authored by Allison West

"I've heard it said we're not human beings on a spiritual journey, we're spiritual beings on a human journey..." begins "Soul Tripper," the first memoir and one woman show by writer/performer Allison West. In her humorous and heartfelt tales of childhood, coming of age, religious confusion, and ecstatic experience, she explores Christianity, earth based religions, mysticism and Buddhism. A seeker on a soul tripping journey, she fumbles toward faith and awakens to authenticity, femininity, and Divine Spirit.

This soul tripping sojourn takes us day tripping through the games of the ego, hacking through forests that are the empty illusions of the mind, and if we're lucky enough to get there, if we keep seeking and exploring and trekking through uncharted territory, we can journey right into the land of the heart, and straight into the palm of God.
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